EHS Techniques

EHS Techniques is an environmental consulting firm founded by multidisciplinary EHS professionals and with a trustable experience on industrial multinational companies. Our mission is to provide ad-hoc services to our customers with the best available techniques.

Discussing face to face the main challenges of our clients, providing tailored made solutions without the drawbacks of big consulting firms (global policies difficult to apply in local markets, slowness, inflexible terms of conditions, etc.) put EHS Techniques forward on a personalized, flexible and close service on the basis of the EHS technical excellence and quality assurance.

Víctor del Coso
Partner Director

Strategic Consulting / ESG

Strategic services referenced by international standards and with extensive international experience

Circular Economy and Net Zero strategy

Circular economy assessment and Life cicle assessment for products and services.

Sustainability and climate change

ESG services, reporting (CDP, SBTi, OGMP, etc.) and Net Zero assessment

Due Diligence y M&A

M&A services for financial and real state sectors.

Compliance Assurance

Licensing services focused on ensuring legal compliance and minimising environmental risks

Environmental Liability Assessment

Environmetnal Risks idenfitification, quantification, management and mitigation.

Compliance assurance and permitting

Permitting services and audit and compliance assurance

Environmental and social impact and monitoring

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring.

Technical Services

Highly specialised services with senior professionals accredited for each type of service

Investigation and soil remediation

Contaminated sites investigation and management.


Services for detection and quantification of fugitive emissions (VOC, metane, HAPs GHG)

Emissions and noise

Other air emissions and noise management services.

Case Studies