We are the Spanish company with the most experience in LDAR services, ISO 17025 certified since 2014.

EHS Techniques has an established and experienced team dedicated to monitor fugitive emissions in the Oil & Gas and methane emissions sectors.

EHS Techniques is an ENAC testing laboratory accredited under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 following the EN-15446 test standard/procedure since 2014 to  carry out VOC and methane measurements to a high quality standard.

This methodology is also valid for GHG estimations.


We have the necessary means to carry out inventory and fugitive emission LDAR studies (M21 – USEPA) and the most advanced techniques on the market (SMART LDAR) to estimate and/or direct measurement of fugitive emissions (High Flow Sampler and QL320).

We offer our clients with the alternatives of each methodology in order to achieve their objectives with the most cost-efficient technique. In this way we also reduce the carbon footprint of the service provided.


International experience

Our team has worked in projects around the world both in design and in operation phases of the installations.



EHS Techniques offers training packages and the possibility to give specific training to both technical and administrative staff.


State of the art

We have carried out projects to test technologies in controlled conditions, which today allows us to choose the most suitable one for each client. Specific studies have been carried out for natural gas installations, as well as for hydrogen, both in mixture with natural gas and pure.

We also offer the estimation of correlation factors specific to a client or facility, as well as OGMP reporting for methane emissions.

Case Studies