Sustainability and climate change

Specific consulting based on the reality of each client in an increasingly demanding world.

So much has been said about sustainability, ecological transition, regulatory tsunami, innovation, agendas and objectives. It all boils down to the need of change, that companies will have to carry out. EHS Techniques accompanies you in this process of implementing new regulations and positioning yourself competitively, in this changing environment full of opportunities and risks.

In a personalized way, EHS Techniques helps to identify the challenges, diagnose the starting point and design a roadmap towards the objectives set. An exciting and motivating procedure that changes the company and working culture.

Net Zero strategies allow the activities carried out in the value chain of a company not to have a net impact on the climate due to Greenhouse Gas emissions.

We structure sustainability from the triple impact of business: economic, social and environmental. The triple impact is the way a business is conducted, bearing in mind that transparency and commitment are one of the pillars that support it. We work to ensure that our customers become one of the best companies for the world, for the environment and for society; generating value among their shareholders, employees, neighbours, suppliers and customers.

For many, climate change is the most urgent challenge requiring the greatest effort. For many, climate change is the most urgent challenge requiring the greatest effort. Europe already has an ambitious agenda of decarbonization targets; the measures needed to achieve them cannot be postponed.

The EU has already set itself an ambitious agenda for decarbonization targets.

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