Due Diligence and M&A

Professional services with the experience of more than 200 successful transactions.

EHS Techniques understands that every transaction presents a unique set of environment, social and associated governance and sustainability risks, liabilities and opportunities which require rapid and rigorous quantification as part of the transaction process. We offer a fast and rigorous quantification according to the transaction times.

We have a team of senior professionals highly experienced in conducting environmental due diligence audits and in providing environmental advice in M&A processes, capable of auditing large portfolios in the same project.

The services we offer are the following:

  • Phase I environmental due diligence audits

From an undeveloped plot to industrial complexes, and from an office building to portfolios of more than 300 sites within the same project, in audits conducted either for the vendor or the buyer.

  • Execution of Phase II environmental due diligence studies

Without unnecessary pauses, and without the need for new NDAs, we offer soil and groundwater investigation services, asbestos inventory, aluminosis diagnosis and others (archaeology, palaeontology, noise, etc).

  • Technical assistance in M&A processes

Beyond the audits, we provide technical assistance to our clients to assess environmental risks, to evaluate possible future costs (CAPEX) and to help make critical decisions about whether or not to execute a purchase.

Our focus is on what is critical within this service, that is:

  • Identification of environmental risks and critical findings (deal killers).
  • Cost valuation (CAPEX).
  • Evaluation of potential reputational impacts.

We offer this service in different languages (Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Portuguese, with native or highly trained staff in each of these languages), and in different countries (always with highly qualified local partners).

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