Fugitive Emissions Estimation in EPC phase for the Oil&Gas sector/Petrochemical Industry.

EHS Techniques was contracted by a multinational engineering and construction company to estimate fugitive emissions from new units at a chemical plant in Turkey for the production of purified PTA. Reference average emission factors were used after an analysis of the P&IDs. The study included the inventory of each possible source of leakage using an[…]

CH4 emissions estimation following OGMP level 5 (specific FE and measurements with alternative methodologies)

EHS Techniques carried out a wide emissions study to detect and measure emissions from vents, fugitive and from unburned methane in the Natural Gas sector. EHS Techniques carried out a wide emissions study to detect and measure emissions from vents, fugitive and from unburned methane in the Natural Gas sector. Different technologies were used, including[…]

Life Cycle Analysis of a product

The product LCA is an internationally standardized methodology (ISO 14040), which allows calculating the environmental impact of a product through several indicators (Carbon Footprint, terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicity, acidification and aquatic eutrophication etc …). EHS Techniques carried out LCA studies for products as diverse as packaging, industrial rubbers, chemicals, photovoltaic panels, wind towers … always[…]

Calculation of unburned fuels for OGMP reporting by a gas operator

EHS Techniques was contracted by a renowned international company in the development, maintenance and operation of energy infrastructures to carry out the identification and quantification of fugitive emissions, including unburned emissions in different facilities in Spain. In this way the company can monitor all its emissions in accordance with future European Commission obligations and OGMP[…]

Value chain studies for wind farm and solar photovoltaic plants

EHS Techniques was contracted by recognized renewable energy companies to advise and carry out a study on the economic impact on the industrial value chain in different facilities in Spain. These studies are essential in the necessary documentation for strategic plans and tenders, allowing to meet the necessary requirements to carry out the projects.

GHG inventory and MITECO registration of a production plant in Spain

EHS Techniques helps you to calculate your plant’s Carbon Footprint and record your GHG emissions with MITECO, following the emitting source categories of the new ISO 14064:2019 standard. This new standard came into effect in 2022, and introduces the concept of significance study, which makes it possible to assess significant indirect emitting sources based on[…]

Social consultancy in the development of renewable energy projects

EHS Techniques was hired by a leading fund manager in investment in renewable energies, to advise on the preparation of documentation on socioeconomic impact to be submitted in the access capacity tenders. The project consists of a socioeconomic description, the determination of opportunities in the industrial value chain and the identification of proposals for socioeconomic[…]

Assistance in social agreement for a photovoltaic project with social rejection

EHS Techniques was commissioned by an independent producer of renewable and distributed energy to advise on its social management strategy in obtaining and maintaining the social license and trying to reverse the social rejection of a photovoltaic park in Spain. A territorial diagnosis and the socioeconomic impacts of the project have been prepared, as well[…]

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